The Vision

The Vision video above was recorded in 2011, but the vision remains the same.

Our Mission

The Greenhouse Culture is a budding movement of those seeking to live by faith, hope, and love. Our community seeks to run on things like generosity, patience, peace, and truth. We are learning to put the teachings of Jesus into practice.

Our mission is to grow disciples who come together often and dig deep, in order to plant a culture that serves our city and reproduces disciples.


We do not belong to any denomination, nor are we affiliated in any way with the masonic rite, or free masonry. We simply meet in a former masonic temple.

Our Teachings


The Greenhouse Culture is governed by a set of bylaws as directed by the 
Linked International Network of Churches (LINC).

We are also associated with the Relational Discipleship Network (RDN).

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