Sunday Services

The Greenhouse Culture’s weekly Celebration Experiences are in our building at 10th & Mass. (1001 Mass St.) at 9 & 11 AM on Sunday mornings.

We will sing. We will laugh. We will preach. We will share communion. We will reflect. We will enjoy. We will connect with Jesus. We will ponder. We will worship. We will pray. We will give. We will learn. And we will invite you to contribute to whatever degree you are comfortable.

What to wear – You’ll find several in jeans and t-shirts, some in ties, some in dresses, some in camo, a few in jerseys, and on occasion we might spot a Jimmy John’s uniform. So wear whatever you’re most comfortable in!

Free parking is available at the following locations:
- In the adjacent public lot behind the Greenhouse building  – off of Vermont St between 10th St and 11th St.
- In the parking garage across from the Lawrence Art Center on 9th and New Hampshire.
- All street parking is FREE on Sundays.


At “Breakfast” you’ll find a light meal, a few friendly faces and lots of truth. This four session module will help equip you to live every day as a follower of Jesus and create our common vocabulary. Breakfast is offered every other Sunday morning at The Greenhouse Culture. After completing Breakfast you will be placed in a Neighborhood Church.

2016 Breakfast Dates

September 25; October 9, 23; November 6, 20; December 4, 18.


Neighborhood Churches

Following Jesus is a team sport. We need others to help us obey Jesus in real time. This is much easier to accomplish in a smaller setting. Neighborhood Churches are smaller groups that meet every other Sunday morning in homes to eat a meal together, tell a story from the Bible and discuss it together, and to pray for each other.

Once you have completed Breakfast, you will be placed in and begin attending a Neighborhood Church that meets every other Sunday. So, the normal rhythm for someone who has completed Breakfast at The Greenhouse Culture is to be in Celebration one weekend and then in their Neighborhood Church the next weekend. We have Celebration every weekend at 1001 Mass St., but roughly half of the Greenhouse family is there because the other half is in their Neighborhood Churches.

Children’s Ministry

We love kids, and like Jesus, are committed to their spiritual growth. We provide age-specific Celebration Experiences during our Sunday morning gatherings for those 3-months through 5th-grade.

Young Nation

Young Nation is our student ministry for middle school and high school students. It takes place on Tuesday nights from 7-8:30 PM at The Greenhouse Culture (1001 Mass. St.) This is where our students worship and grow together.

The Loft

The Loft is a hangout for middle school and high school students. It takes place on Wednesdays from 1:30-4 PM at The Greenhouse Culture (1001 Mass. St.) This is a place where students can come laugh, study, talk, and play.


A Haverim is a small group of best friends whose main purpose is to study the scriptures. At The Greenhouse Culture, Haverims are gender-specific groups that meet weekly for one hour in public places to study the Bible, pray, and become friends.


7:00am (Sean – 913.475.2716)

7:30am (Matt – 913.620.4873)
5:15pm (Steve - 913.915.0074)
6:00pm (Adam – 417.597.4359)

6:00am (Kyle – 913.481.8132 in Olathe)
3:00pm (David –  785.727.5921)
7:00pm (Lance – 573.230.9908)

9:00am (Kris – 913.775.1658)


7:00pm (Jeni – 316.655.6502)
7:30pm (Ashley – 913.271.1566)

10:00am (Debbie –  913.238.6314)
7:00pm (Kailey – 217.725.7902)
9:30pm (Jillian – 913.475.2708)

7:00pm (Rebecca – 913.748.1344)
9:30pm (Mandy – 913.432.5322)

6:15am (Kalah – 510.254.0210)


4:00pm (Jacob – 785.550.2493)


2nd & 4th Thursday:
6:30pm (Elizabeth - 913.731.2803)