Faithful While Forgotten, part 1

Week one of our series in the book of Judges. Pastor Jared introduces the series and talks about what happens when we weep.

When God Throws a Chair

Does God allow us to ask questions? How do we invite Him to engage with us? A study in the book of Habakkuk.

Obviously Hiding (reposted)

If God wants everyone to know Him, why does it sometimes seem like He is hiding? Why doesn’t God reveal himself in a blatantly obvious way?


Why do so many find life meaningless? Will life ever bring you meaning?

Smile, My Rear!

What’s Candid Camera have to do with me just “being real?”

Mandarin Oranges and the Goodness of God

If God is good, then what do we do when He fails to live up to our standards of goodness?


Let’s marvel together, not just at WHAT God does, but HOW He does it!

The Baby Prince

If Christmas really is all about the Prince of Peace, then I must ask, “Is He doing a very good job?” I mean you see the same news I do. Lets talk about God’s peace!


God gets a bad rap. He’s a birth joy, not a kill joy. He’s expansive, not repressive. Go. Play. Enjoy. Fill!

Bored Pt. 7

Why don’t football fans wear shoulder-pads? Jesus modeled two essential components for getting into the game of following Jesus.

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