A famous line of advice from rabbis during the time Jesus walked the earth was, “Get yourself a haver.” Haver is a Hebrew word meaning friend or comrade. The purpose of a haver in this context is to find someone who is willing to read, learn, and discuss scripture with you. Haverim is simply plural for haver; implying a small group of friends enjoying scripture together. We have adopted this name for our groups since it so clearly represents our purpose.

Haverims are gender specific groups that gather weekly in a public place for one hour to study Scripture, to learn, and to pray. The format we use is simple, yet powerful.

Find a Haverim that fits your schedule in the directory below.

Our vision is to see at least 1,000 people meeting weekly in Lawrence enjoying scripture and prayer. You do not have to be a follower of Jesus to join a Haverim. In fact, Haverim is a great place to get acquainted with Jesus.

Men’s Haverims


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